Croatia Today (12:00)

Croatia Today (12:00)

English-language news bulletin covering the most important political, economic, cultural and sporting events of the day. Programming note: During the summer, this news program is broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays and is also carried by Croatian Radio Channel 2.

Hello and welcome! It's just passed noon here in Croatia and here are today's top stories ...

The Slovenian parliament is convening today to debate documents the country plans to submit to the Arbitral Tribunal that is handling a border dispute between Sovenia and Croatia. The decision was passed on to parliament by Prime Minister Janez Janša last week who said that there was a need for a political consensus on the wording of the documents. The Positive Slovenia party opposes the move, claiming that the parliament's Foreign Policy Committee had already had its say in the matter. The party claims this will increase tensions with Croatia and send a negative message to the international community. Croatia and Slovenia must submit their respective documents in connection with the case by Feb. 11th.

Three quarters of Slovenians are in favour of the ratification of Croatia's EU Accession Treaty by the country's parliament, according to an opinion poll carried by out by the Delo daily newspaper on a sample of 500 respondents. Asked whether they supported the ratification of the treaty, as many as 76 per cent answered YES, 14 per cent answered NO, and 10 per cent said that they did not know, according to the poll.

A group of some 20 businesspeople representing France's leading companies are here to consider the possibility of doing business in Croatia once the country joins the EU. The visit was organised by the French-Croatian Business Club. Club representative Danijel Benko told Croatian radio that the group will be meeting with govrenment representatives and the President during the visit.

According to the Večernji List newspaper, the government plans to establish a new oil company in order to have more control over national natural gas resources. According to the article this is one of the key changes being introduced with the bill on hydrocarbons that will soon be discussed by the government cabinet. The new company would enable Croatia to retake control over these resources, that it lost through the privatization of the INA oil company.

Taking a quick look at sports... in Davis Cup tennis action Croatia was defeated by Italy in Turin yesterday for a final score of 3:2 overall... Meanwhile the PBZ Zagreb Indoors tournament gets underway today running through to February 10th.

And the weather forecast for Croatia today …Partly to mainly sunny skies. The south will see more cloudcover. Highs for the day are expected to range between 2 and 7 degrees celcius in the interior, reaching up to between 7 and 12 degrees on the coast.

And that brings us to the end of this news bulletin. Thank you for joining us this morning. For the Croatian Radio, I'm Katja Miličić

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HRT – Glas Hrvatske — Ponedjeljak, 11.12.2017 12:00

Croatia Today (12:00) 11.12.

Commemoration for late General taking place at Lisinski. The prime minister is in Paris for tomorrow's global summit on climate change. The president will be conducting official duties from the city of Bjelovar for the next two days.

HRT – Glas Hrvatske — Petak, 08.12.2017 12:00

Croatia Today (12:00) 08.12.

Prime Minister in Šibenik for meeting with regional governments. Experts say interest rates should remain stable for the next few years. Medveščak plays the first-placed Vienna Capitals in EBEL hockey action this evening.

HRT – Glas Hrvatske — Četvrtak, 07.12.2017 12:00

Croatia Today (12:00) 07.12.

EPP conference held in Zagreb. Government approving the increase of minimum wage.Law banning unfair practices in food supply comes into effect.

HRT – Glas Hrvatske — Srijeda, 06.12.2017 12:00

Croatia Today (12:00) 06.12.

MPs have opposing views on the privatisation of the Croatian Power Board HEP. Justice Minister reiterates Croatia's views on ICTY Bosnian Six verdict. St. Nicholas Day being marked by the holding of a seafarers' conference.


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