Renato Pernić Archives Project

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Renato Pernić Archives Project is a result of a persistent ethnomusicological work of Renato Pernić (1938-2002), who was the music editor of Croatian Radio – Radio Pula for over thirty years.

His endeavor produced a unique collection of Istrian music recordings that emphasize an important mark of life in this fascinating region. While working very diligently and expertly, Renato Pernić collected and recorded a great quantity of musical materials. These materials, among other features, can be expressed through the number of almost two thousand tracks.

He dedicated his whole professional life to exploring the musical tradition containing a basis of Istrian scale and all of its derived variations all across Istrian peninsula. Ever since 1963, together with the sound mixer Branimir Paić, he constantly visited families, places, villages, towns and recorded traditional two-part music lines songs, Istrian long flutes (roženice) players, as well as the players on bagpipe, double pipes, folk contrabass and violin... and the masters who manufactured all those instruments.

At the same time Pernić noted all of the relevant details which gave a scientific ethnological value to this collection. Later on, a book named “Maestros, players and singers”, came out as a result of these efforts.

In 2004, thanks to the financial aid provided by the City of Pula's and IstrianCounty’s Culture Departments, Radio Pula started sorting, recording and editing this large fund. One or two CDs that contained representative selection of the digitalized materials were released every year.

This part of Radio Pula Archives, along with the 20 CDs edition, is a cultural heritage that will help with the future musicological studies, researches and interpretations. This is Croatian Radiotelevision’s and Radio Pula’s contribution to the preservation of Istrian and Croatian cultural heritage.


Budimir Žižović, the editor of Renato Pernić Archives edition

Arhiv Renato Pernić
Arhiv Renato Pernić

HRT – Radio Pula — Glazba, kultura

Arhiv Renato Pernić projekt je pokrenut 2002. godine kako bi se očuvao dio arhivske građe Radio Pule - narodna glazba snimana po istarskim selima - koju je radeći kao glazbeni urednik sačuvao Renato Pernić. Na Radio Puli se presnimilo i sistematiziralo ove snimke, a dio njih tiskan je na 20 CD-ova.