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Croatia Today - Magazine

Each week the Voice of Croatia produces its Weekend Magazine show which features human interest pieces that provide an in depth look into a certain aspect of Croatian culture, society, art, sports or life.

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HRT – Glas Hrvatske — Subota, 07.03.2020 18:05

Croatian Literature Final

Literature in many ways describes just about everything that happens to people. Literary historian Vinko Brešić however, feels that Croatian literature belongs to the type of European literature whose opus is incomplete and continuity has been disturbed. For a very long time, there was no Croatian state, nor did it enjoy coincidental political and ethnic boundaries. For many centuries, we have been scarred by frequent and deep fractures in our society. Do we value Croatian literature that has originating from beyond our borders and do we include it in our national literary heritage?\cf0\lang1033

HRT – Glas Hrvatske — Subota, 22.02.2020 18:05

Magazine - Bell Ringers (22.02.2020)

In this week's magazine, we take a closer look at the programs being implemented by the 2020 European Capital of Culture, in a story originally put together by the Voice of Croatia's own Tomislav Šikić. \cf0\lang1033

HRT – Glas Hrvatske — Subota, 08.02.2020 18:05

Rijeka COC Final